Warning: Do NOT read this unless you want to grow your voice

How to gain more control over your voice... and never run out of breath...ever again.

Dear friend, 


If you want to learn the art of breathing to achieve maximum singing power...long-lasting stamina...and full control over your voice, this message will serve you well.  

Here’s why:

When I started taking singing lessons back in 2002, it soon dawned on me that a proper breathing technique was…

One of the key fundamentals to sing with threatening power,
brilliant high-notes, and spot-on pitch

But the problem was…

Although everyone and his uncle was talking about it...it seemed as nobody knew what it really was.

And those who knew it...couldn't teach it. 

To make things worse...

Every vocal coach had his own terminology.

Just like:

“Breathing”, “Breath support”, “Support”, “Breath management”, “Diaphragmatic breathing”, “Belly breathing”...

So, when I asked my first singing teacher how I should breathe to support my high notes, that's what he said:

“Just sing from your diaphragm”. WTF?

I was so embarrassed that I wasn't able to follow his "cristal clear" instructions...I never touched that topic again.

And that’s why I spent many frustrating months, if not years, desperately trying to figure it all out on my own.

But it was not until I met this magnificent Serbian, award-winning singer, who made me discover…

It all boils down to ONE simple exercise!

When I was guided through this exercise...

I had to use certain muscles...I didn’t even know existed before...let alone how to engage them .

Quite frankly, I even would be surprised if more than 10% of all singers on this blue planet are aware of them.

But thanks to this ‘master breathing exercise’, in a matter of just a few short weeks you'll be able to…

Gain unknown control over your voice

I experienced how it feels to have a rock-solid foundation...essential for EVERY singing technique...regardless what kind of music genre you would like to perform. 

 And now I want you to solve this breathing riddle too...and experience a whole new universe with your singing.  

That’s why I put together a 5-module video course, where I show you this ‘master breathing exercise’ in every colored detail...peppered with some bonus exercises I bet you’ve never seen before.

And here’s what you will learn inside “Breathing Secrets”:

  • The single most effective breathing exercise that will turn every gasping singer into a powerful vocalist. (Module 4)

  •  A step by step guide on how to re-engage your natural, built-in power house that makes your voice so explosive...people will turn heads when you start singing. (Module 3 + 4)

  •  Why belly breathing is inevitable to developing solid breath control and how it's really done. (Module 3)

  • A simple trick that lets you work on your breathing anytime and anywhere. (Module 4)

  • An inside peek into how connecting your deep breath with your voice will strip the secret of diaphragmatic singing shockingly fast. (Module 5)

  • The “woodpecker exercise” that works your diaphragm like crazy. This exercise alone will help you bypass all tensions in your throat (almost all singers struggle with)... and shoot a straight line of air from your diaphragm to your resonating skull. (Module 4)

  • How a 5-minute practice a day will shoot your breathing stamina right through the roof, you can seriously think about subscribing to the next apnoe diver competition. 

  •  Plus, how the discovery of a Swiss mathematician not only makes aircrafts take-off...but also helps you sore to new vocal heights. (Module 2)

There’s even more. 

But I don’t want to waste any of your precious time anymore, so you can grab your own copy of “Breathing Secrets” and start practicing right away. 


And if you already freak out, because the shear thought of doing all this exercise... 

You don’t have to prepare yourself for a life full of hard and boring practicing...until some day...you’re gonna see some results. 

If anything, it’s the total opposite.

Truth be told…

After just 3 weeks, practicing 5 minutes daily, I completely stopped doing these exercises...because I realized once the breathing technique was in check...

It is like driving a car!

And there’s a reason for it..

You already have everything you need for a powerful, streamlined breathing...as perfect as could be.

You just have to learn how to coordinate different muscles of your singing apparatus and bring it all in line. Exactly what I’m going to teach you in this marvelous course.

Even if you think you're so “screwed-up” that you’ve lost the ability to breathe into your belly...I’ve got your back.

I will show you a sneaky way to literally force your body to switch from chest to belly breathing in the blink of an eye.

Prepare for breathtaking changes in your voice, such as...

  • Holding a single note much longer than ever before in your life. 

  • Stamina boost that will let you sing through long phrases without gasping like a seal.

  • The ability to sing the top notes of any song with explosive power and spot-on...especially when they are placed at the end of a phrase (which almost always happens to make the music more dramatic). 

  • Pinpoint control over your voice. The steady air-stream you are going to create on demand will prevent your voice from derailing and getting shaky.

  • Kiss your pitch problems goodbye. It still shocks me how little is known...and told...about the importance of proper breathing to sing right on-key.

  • How to turn on a natural dynamic change control in your voice when you go from your low register to your upper register...every sound engineer will think you’re using a compressor. And much more

 If any ,or all of that, makes you shiver with anticipation and you just can’t wait to get your nervous fingers on this hot little video course, here’s the deal:

For just $ 19.99 I will share the blueprint for breathing with dynamic power and impeccable control.

Quite frankly, If somebody had offered to unravel the mystery of breathing for me when I started out...I would have thrown my last penny at him. 

 But guess what? 

I Don't Want Your Money Right Now

Listen, I know something, you might not know, or believe, at this point: 

Acquiring an effective breathing technique...will really change your voice forever. 

And I want it to make it as easy as possible for you to jump on that opportunity. 

That's why... 

If you buy "Breathing Secrets" today, your credit card will not be charged for the next 3 days

In other words...

You can take a free test-drive for 72-hours. And if you go through the course, do the exercises (especially the Cobra) at least once per day...and don't see any result... 

You can send me a short note and I won't charge you anything. 

Sounds good? 

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